Overview of China Projects 2018

January 20, 2018

DWA Architects is an RIBA Chartered Practice, with offices in London, Manchester and York, and has been producing Award winning designs for the past 30 years.

As well as holding an extensive portfolio of UK based projects, DWA are passionately committed to exporting our highly regarded UK and Internationally recognised specialist design expertise around the globe.

We have in place highly successful collaborative partnerships with locally – based consultancies.   This ensures that we are highly sensitive to the social – demographic needs of the individual Country and geographic region within which our work is commissioned.

We currently have projects in progress and completed projects in the following regions:-

  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East North Africa (MENA Region)
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe

During September 2013, the combined efforts at DWA Architects and our Beijing based partners, TLD Design Consulting, won an international master plan design competition for an Elderly Person Care Village Project in Shunde, in Guangdong Province.   The project is designed to accommodate 750 senior people with severe and terminal care needs and 450 independent and assisted living specialist apartments.

Essential to winning the competition was the demonstration of our understanding of specialist operationally efficient Architectural design.

Vital to the success of the master plan was the involvement of TLD Design Consulting and their full-time Chinese presence and their localised service expertise in helping to steer these design strategies to meet the cultural and wide ranging care needs of the residents.

We are pleased that Phase 1 of our master plan project in Shunde was completed, handed over and became operational during 2017.

Since 2013, DWA Architects and TLD Design Consulting have collaborated on many other Elderly Persons Care projects in China.

A notable example is at Shangcai, located in Henan Province, which is a specialist memory care facility designed to UK standards including 80 rooms on two floors with service and staff areas located in the basement.

The design incorporates direct access to sensory gardens, internal courtyards and many rooms have balconies.

Construction commenced in November 2017 with a targeted completion of Summer 2018.   When completed this will be the first Home of this quality in Henan Province.

Another recent example is at Xingcheng City in Liaoning Province.

The aim of this project is to create a flagship mid-range Care Home for the elderly of Xingcheng, Huludao and the wider Liaoning Province with up to 400 bedspaces.   Space requirements and design philosophies follow UK quality standards ensuring that the facility will be future proofed against rises in care standards and the expectations of residents and their families.

The facility will be accommodated within two new build Care Homes which will be built to the south of three existing buildings on a site in the outskirts of Xingcheng City.   Two of the existing buildings are currently being converted into a new Class 2 Hospital.   The third will form a recovery care and short – stay Care Home facility closely linked to the hospital.   The new Care Home buildings will be for long – term residents, and will have operational links with the recovery and short – stay facility.

Since the success of DWA Architects and TLD Design Consulting in winning the Design Competition for the Care facility for elderly persons in Shunde, the partnership has become well known in China for quality, creative and cost effective design solutions.  It was due to this that in 2017 they were short listed to take part in two Design Competitions for two welfare facilities and a senior care facility on sites in Foshan in Guangdong Province.

For this competition, the main challenge was to invent ways to develop cohabitation between the different activities involved on each site – a symbiotic relationship between functions and the site that would lead to a well – designed proposal.

The first site was designated for a Children’s welfare complex including an orphanage which required living, educational and health facilities to be formed in a family environment, appropriate to the different age groups of the children.

The second site was designated for a Senior Welfare facility where the main aim was to provide the residents with the appropriate level of support that they might need without compromising their privacy.   The living quarters are independent from the other activities on the site but connected via a central secured courtyard with protected outdoor corridors and green spaces.

The third site was designed for Senior Care and a major challenge here was the significant changes of level across the site and the aim was to transform this issue into an attractive feature which would also become an economic solution in terms of construction.

The key features of Lignan Architecture have influenced all our design proposals, including:-

  • Covered open corridors
  • Avoidance of circular structures
  • Building footprints similar to those of the surrounding area
  • Open structures, green spaces on upper floors, and balconies
  • Use of local materials
  • In some cases main doors facing south – Feng Shui
  • Tree vistas
  • Water features and sculptures

In November 2017 DWA and TLD were notified as being the winner of the Senior Care section of the Competition and are now preparing submissions for the Detailed Design phase.

They were also given credit for their concept design proposals for both Welfare projects and will also be considered for the Detailed Design Phase.

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