Care Village, Retirement Living and Extra Care Housing

The rise of the Dementia Care Village with sheltered and care home accommodation articulates a creative and holistic solution to care, enabling a joined up process from conception to completion with design enabling support for new and innovative solutions to the elderly care crisis.

Assisted living, retirement housing, extra care facilities and sheltered accommodation are all terms implying the ‘care village’ or ‘dementia care village’. The alternative titles often confuse planners, funders and buyers, but generally each term describes a housing provision intended to create a community where care is available if required.

The physical and social environment is currently designed for the mobile and functionally independent people, and designing for disabilities focuses on physical disability rather than environmental or social barriers. However, it is equally possible to create ‘liveable communities’ in the form of care villages which connect the physical design, social structure and social needs of all abilities that share a common location in the public realm.

Although it is argued that people with dementia lack the cognitive skills necessary to pursue happiness it is crucial to recognise that they still possess the skills to passively experience it and this experience of positive emotions is integral to quality of life.

A holistic approach to design and the concept of varied levels of care within the same site in a care village goes a long way to encouraging a complete integrated care pathway which seeks to enable people to live longer and happier lives through the implementation of key concepts.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel; we just need to attach it to the car.

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on Care Village, Retirement Living and Extra Care Housing.
  1. Derek Paramanis

    Excellent, thought provoking article that covers how the care industry is moving with dementia which is becoming the most needed type of care …

    Care villages can be a big answer to covering that provision but needs the backing and understanding of local authorities…

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